Another good turnout for the PTW Family ride to Glyncorrwg

Family Ride to Glyncorrwg

There was a fine turnout for the family ride to Glyncorrwg on Sunday. Well done to all those who took part.

Results of the 25 mile 4UP 23rd June 2016

The results of the 4 up can be found by clicking Here.

Well done to all those who took part.

GHS 10 mile open TTT R10/23 7th May 2016

On Saturday 7th May at 2pm, Port Talbot Wheelers held a 10 mile TTT open event at Resolven. Event organiser was Alf Williams.

The TT took place on the R10/23 course on the back road (B4242) with perfect conditions.


The event was also the GHS 10 mile time trial in Resolven. This is the regional heat of the British schoolboy/girl time trial championships. Turnout was lower than we would have liked but those that did enter put in a great effort. Some incredible times. 25 minutes on the back road from a 12 year old!

Winners of the age awards go to the national GHS championship.

This was also the club handicap 10. Results from the handicap are as follows.

Name Handicap Time Handicap time
Wendy Lacey 00:10:15 31:28 21:13
Dai Triggs 00:12:34 34:05 21:31
Awen Lewis 00:07:05 29:23 22:18
Robert Lucas 00:03:32 26:27 22:55
Matthew Smith 00:02:23 25:33 23:10
Morgan Ley 00:03:00 26:10 23:10
Stuart Evans 00:01:35 24:49 23:14
Rod Hicks 00:00:00 23:16 23:16
Tony Howell 00:04:29 27:50 23:21
Chris CJ Jones 00:05:10 28:59 23:49
Hollie Labunsky 00:05:56 29:49 23:53
Les Thomas 00:02:54 27:46 24:52

Thursday evening Time Trials no longer open to entry on the night.

We have just had a committee meeting and following the difficulties that Alf experienced last week in trying to take money, set the field, fend off irate drivers, and get items back to people who wanted to leave before he had finished timing. We have made the decision that for the forseeable future we will only take entries from fully paid up club members (First or second claim). For those who dont know what second claim membership means, its when you race for one club but are also member of a second club to allow you to ride club events. so joining will not jeapardise your member to you home club.

This does not affect you being able to join on the night but please bring a form which is downloadable from the Web Site  the subscription fee is £20 (its cheaper than riding 7 events so well worth it)

Also to ease the timekeepers we ask the following.
- We recommend that you carry a light as if we get high numbers again it may get dark.
- Please shout your number out as you finish,
- try not to interupt the timekeeper for times etc. until he has finished timekeeping.

On behalf of the committee, thanks in advance

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