For our dear friend Colin Speakman who passed away on Sunday.

So many people in the club knew Colin, as a long standing member he has won the affection of members young and old. Such a likeable fellow who will be sadly missed.

Colin's son Steve has kindly allowed us to repost some things about his Dad that he put up on facebook. It is quite a moving tribute I think you will agree it sums him up perfectly.

"For those who knew my dad

My Dad James Colin Speakman passed away on Sunday. My dad wasn't the perfect person but i thought he was awesome, he cycled all his life up until about 18 months ago, even after having a stroke.
He was known as a great hill climber and even when taken out after his stroke he still left guys half his age behind because he went at things so hard.
He was a lifetime member  of the Port Talbot Wheelers cycling club. He was a church deacon. He was not very tall, not very big and bulky but he was one of the strongest men i have ever met known in the steel works when he worked there for the only guy in the workshop to use a 53lb (just under 4 stone) lump hammer in the work shop.
He was a shop steward in the steel works where he was a fitter and turner. He was known as a bit of a comedian and not the most subtle of people. His idea of a lullaby to sing to me as a baby was Hang down your head Tom Dooley - if you dont know it check out youtube - its about a guy just about to be hung (and people wonder why i turned out this way ).
He took me all over the place as a kid and gave me so many experiences including my first autograph collecting one. Even though we had some ups and downs he a great husband to Anne Speakman, a great dad to me (and father in law to Andrea Speakman) a great grandad to Lucy Speakman, Emily Speakman, Kalebh Speakman & Eli Speakman.
I could ramble on longer but i won't.
For all the people who prayed for us all thank you it was very important to us. He left us at 3.33 on sunday 08/03/15 and he left us with not just a smile but a great big laugh. I love you dad, God bless and good bye for now."

Membership renewal is due

Membership renewal for 2015 is on the 1st January 2015. Please print off a copy of the form, fill it in and send it along with payment to Les Thomas. The address is on the form.

Alternatively both Les Thomas and Tony Howell are available to receive, forms and cheques at the club nights on the first four Fridays in the new year or on any of the club rides..

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Subscriptions fall due on January 1st of the current year and shall be payable no later than March 31st. Members failing to renew their subscriptions before April 1st shall lose all rights to membership.

New members may apply at any time during the year. Applications received from new members after October 1st shall be accepted at the current subscription rate but will hold good until December 31st of the following year.

Take care on the ice

Take care on the roads guys.
Here are some tips courtesy of British Cycling:

Choose your route carefully – During summer many riders will choose to avoid busier roads and opt for lightly trafficked ones. However in icy conditions side streets remain largely untreated and are often extremely slippery. Therefore there’s often more grip to be had on more heavily trafficked routes, which are regularly gritted. Conversely, off road routes through parks, towpaths and cycle paths, although potentially slippery are blissfully free of motor vehicles, minimising your exposure to risk of collision.

Slow and smooth – Curb your speed and try to ride as smoothly as possible; accelerating, braking and cornering smoothly and progressively. Make sure you do all of your braking in a straight line and never brake mid corner – it’s all too easy for your wheels to lose grip.

Give yourself longer to brake and react – Just like when your car, you need to look much further ahead and ride in a more anticipatory mode. Your braking distances, and those of vehicles around you, are much greater and far less predictable.

Be aware of the limitations of other road users – it’s not just you that’s more at risk of slipping and sliding. Just because you can pull up safely at a junction doesn’t mean the car behind you can. Be extra aware of the vehicles around you.

Read the road - Certain areas on the road are more susceptible to ice or remain icy after the rest of the road has thawed. Exercise particular caution on shaded areas, north facing slopes, brows of railway bridges, junctions, white lines and drain covers. Watch out for water running across road from streams, culverts, flooding and overflowing grids.

Don’t be afraid to dismount – there’s no shame in climbing off your bike if you feel that the conditions are getting too extreme and your safety is being unduly compromised. It’s one of the great benefits of the bike that you can transition from cyclist to pedestrian with ease.

Turbo Session 7th November 2014

On 7th November we held a Turbo/Roller session for the Junior and Juvenile club members.

The evening went well and competition was rife between riders of all ages. The adults would have been too if only they had brought their bikes, some were itching to have a go. Everyone is welcome to participate, not just the younger members so bring your bikes along to the next one on December 5th.


The two Morgans go head to head.

Morgan Ley gives it his all

Half Term Go Ride Events

Go-Ride – is British Cycling’s development programme for young people. The programme provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycle sport and provides a platform to improve bike handling skills. This is done in a traffic free environment through a mixture of games, exercises and races.

PTW Youth and Adult Training Sessions

We run a series of evening “Port Talbot Wheelers Skills Coaching Sessions" every fortnight on Friday nights based for children aged 6 to 14, and for juveniles aged 15 and above all the way up to adult.


Youth Sessions

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