For now though Welsh Cycling advice is as follows:
Welsh Cycling just wanted to provide a quick update regarding the local lockdown in RCT Borough and what it means for cycling and organised activity in the area.
• There are no changes to the regulations on outdoor gatherings. People can still meet outdoors for sport in groups of up to 30 people (though please note the previous guidance on organised activities still applies: Participants MUST be from the RCT borough.

• Businesses will not be required to close. This includes indoor sport facilities.
• Only those nominated Elite and Professional Athletes living in the area can continue to travel for training.

Travel to and from RCT is restricted without reasonable excuse. People should not enter or leave the area to compete or participate in sport.

If you are planning to ride through RCT county borough area, we strongly advise people not to cycle to the area as this would contravene the Welsh Government regulations.

We would also urge anyone living within the RCT county borough area to continue to cycle but you must remain within the County boundary for the foreseeable future.

Any activity operating outside the Welsh Government guidance will not be insured by British Cycling.

Further details can be found on the Welsh Government Rules for the RCT County Borough Area