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Result - Club Event - 06/08/20 - R10/22A

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It's the third race in our short eight-event 2020 club championship and "light cloud and a gentle breeze" means we could get a few PB's from newer riders.

The essentials;

1. We meet up at the Neath Canal Car Park in Resolven for signing on from about 18.00hrs and closing at 18.40hrs for a prompt 19.00hrs race start.

2. You have to be member of the PTW or an existing second-claim member of the PTW. There is no 'single race' fee - you have to join the club as a first-claim member or be an existing second-claim member.

After two events our pool of riders is already 36 riders with only 28 riders allowed - so, regretfully, we have now closed the doors to second-claim membership.

To clarify, there will be a maximum of 28 riders taking part. Getting there early does not guarantee that you get a ride but getting there late guarantees you won't!

Those who rode last week (or the week before) now have a race number that they will keep until the end of September.

There will be no facility for choosing numbers. Race numbers have been washed, dried in the sun and randomly placed in a tight-fitting box. One of the two officials will then draw off the uppermost number from the box. This is only in the unlikely event of over-subscription where first-claim members get initial priority and we then get into a luck of the draw scenario.
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All our thoughts are with you Dai! We missed you tonight.

Thanks to Will, Dan and Alan for the support on the night and also to Tony Howell for the kind offer to stand in as the second timekeeper.

Well, I'm so glad a little bit of drizzle didn't put you off doing those cracking rides!

Mike Davies got us underway riding a 1990's small front wheel TT bike which must have been unfamiliar to him but bear with it Mike as that bike's got pedigree! Our ladies then set off in a cloud of Givenchy mixed with leg embrocation that brought tears to the eyes of John Shehan who was right in the middle of it. When his eyes had finally stopped watering John could see an improvement in his times and was much happier than last week.

Elise went forward by a full minute whilst Hazel Wakefield, our new girl, set a benchmark 27:17 to chase in future weeks - a warm welcome to you Hazel and the word on the street is that you'll smash that. Emma Davies had a bit of a 'Lazarus' ride by going forward by almost a minute-and-a-half whilst Ffion proved me wrong when I said she'd go one minute faster compared to last week by going almost two minutes faster. Hollie took the win and dipped under 25 minutes - another useful improvement over last week.

Julian also squeeked under 25 minutes on his first ride of our mini-season and will get his bike fettled to chase the '23' he's capable of. Bill Gannon got his season underway with a short '25' whilst Stephan Wilcox crashed out a superb 23:52 which he attributed to newly shaved legs! In context, he got down to a '25' last season so this was a cracking ride. Garry Vaughan went forward this week whilst our three heroes from last week (the lads who gave up their own rides) were all rewarded with good times especially Tony Howell who really rolled back the years with a 23:35 to take the midfield win (you boys know who you are!). James Lewis took the road bike win with a 22:18 but Darren 'Super Commuter' Edwards really wasn't far behind with a 22:30.

Dan sent off the last five riders and you could have thrown a blanket over three of them at the finish - they're that close at the moment and are giving Rod Hicks huge motivation to keep ahead. Rod was 22 seconds clear of Martin Sage to claim second place and chip a few vital seconds off his time from last week but our winner this week was Andy Davies who crossed the line in a photo-finish with Nicky Morgan. Checking the 'recall' on the stopwatch gives Andy an official time of 19:39 and 65 hundreths so I'm calling it a 19:39.

There was much to admire tonight but Alfie's 'man of the match' award goes to Stephan Wilcox for a cracking ride on the night, getting a PB every time he pins a race number on and for making a huge improvement over last season.
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Well done Stephan and a brill ride by Tony topedo howell. My OLD mate Rod still banging out those impressive rides'
According to the calendar that was supposed to have been an R13/1 last night. I was wondering how, according to the results DB, Andy Davies had managed to average 39.7 mph.
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