In light of the recent directive from the South Wales District and in compliance with the current Welsh COVID 19 regulations. The club will be resuming our club 10s this Thursday 23rd July. However, in light of the requirement for any such gathering to have a maximum of 30 persons, members are respectfully asked to observe the following.

1. As we can have no more than 30 persons at the event, (Two of which will be timekeepers) we are limited to 28 riders. if you are not taking part in the event, please do not attend the car park as this will further reduce rider numbers.
2. Unfortunately until we know likely numbers, please do not bring any family or friends to the event as any such supporters will effectively reduce the numbers of riders.
3. To ride our club events you need to be a club member (1st or second claim). Hopefully there won’t be any issues, however as we are limited to no more than 30 persons, we hope you can understand that if we are over subscribed, priority will be given to long standing first claim members.
4. We won’t be able to carry out a pre-entry system but riders are requested to bring their own pen for signing on and use the hand sanitizer that will be provided before signing on.
5. You will be issued with a sanitised number that you will be required to keep for the remainder of the series.
6 please don’t forget all riders must have a flashing rear light.
7. There will be no pushing off and all riders will need to set off with one foot on the floor.
8. Social distancing will be adhered to and riders are asked to leave the car park as soon as possible once finished.
9. there will be no gathering to review results at the finish. They will be posted on line that evening.

Apologies for having to impose these requirements and hopefully they will not be for too much longer. I hope all members can appreciate the need for these and will adhere to the requirements