Hi All,
On Sunday the 8th September its my birthday and as I'm the grand old age of 58 this year I'll be celebrating it by organising the 25 mile Time trial on the Glynneath course.

To make my birthday (and more importantly the event) a success, we need marshals pushers off etc. at the following locations. I've taken the liberty of adding some of the usual suspects.

For the newbies, the event starts at 8:00 and the last rider is of at 12 (they will all be finished before 1:00pm.

If you enter the event (see the CTT Web Site) you don't have to marshal :D

Pushers off Tud, Selwyn, Griff & ???
Start Junction - Allan Griffiths

Rhigos Roundabout ???and ???
Hirwaun Roundabout JD Family???
Blaengwrach Roundabout. John Willy & Dai Triggs
Resolven Roundabout ??? and ???
Tonna Roundabout ???
Aberdulais Roundabout ???. ??? and ???
Recorder - Spot

Can you let me know if your able to assist Or if I've included your name and your not available?

Many thanks