A contact of mine called Mike is downgrading (with presumably a little reluctance) to an electric bike, therefore has the following to go to a good home:

"My old faithful British manufactured Raleigh will now need to go as I won't have the space to hold on to it. You've obviously seen the bike, it's got a 22" frame and has been well maintained and is to go with quite a few spares included as I've always maintained it to a high standard myself. If you know or can think of someone who might be interested in it please could you let them know and give them my details to contact me."

I get the feeling he would be pleased for it to go to an enthusiast, and there are many in the PTW who definitely fit that bill. I would consider it myself, but I already have 8 bikes in the garage.

I think Mike's email address is mikelewis 473 at goo gle mail dot com or you can contact him via davidjnaylor at davidjnaylor dot plus dot c o m
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