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The club Handicap 25

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It's the last of this years Club Handicap championships on Sunday in the Realteam Open 25

The riders and handicaps of those entered based on their LTS pbs are below

Name Hcap
Les Thomas 00:05:40
Rod Hicks 00:00:00
Stuart Evans 00:04:15
Rob Lucas 00:07:09
Mike Hall 00:01:00

Have a safe and competitive ride Guys.

See you Sunday 8)
Do we have a handicap 100? Mr. Hall has been ever so brave and entered the WWCL 100.
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Yes we do Alf, and of late, it tends to be the 100 with most entrants
Well the provisional results are in:

Name LTS Hcap time hcap time
Les Thomas 00:57:34 00:05:40 00:58:31 00:52:51
Rod Hicks 00:51:54 00:54:18 00:54:18
Rob Lucas 00:59:03 00:07:09 01:01:42 00:54:33
Mike Hall None 00:01:00 00:56:55 00:55:55
Stuart Evans 00:56:09 00:04:15 01:00:37 00:56:22

Looks Like the Handicapper won :twisted:
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You were only 4 minutes behind Rod. Over 25 miles? It must be the bionic socks.

Mind you, you do have something in common with Luke Dix: your fastest average speed of the season has been set on the 25, not the 10.
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Yes Bill,when I finished I was disappointed with my time. It wasn’t until I got to the clubhouse that I was happy

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