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Membership Renewal is due

It's that time of year folks. Membership for 2018 is now due.
You can either bring along a completed membership form and £20 to the club nights on a Friday or post it to Les Thomas at the address on the form.
Alternatively you can pay online through British Cycling. There is an extra cost of £1 taken by British Cycling for processing the online payment.

Click here for online renewal You will need your BC membership number. (Click Buy Club Membership)


Club Kit shop is open

The online club kit shop is open as of today, 6th January. It is usually open for around ten days.


password is porttalbot

Please remember that if members want the bibs shorts with longer compression band, you will need to select long and the system will automatically adjust the selling price.

The skinsuits can be bought with or without a pocket, members can choose this option when shopping and the skinsuit selling price will be automatically adjusted.

The discounting issue has now been resolved and the shop is now open.
The prices in the shop are the full price for the kit. Club members get 25% off these prices which is subsidised by the club.
To get the discount, enter Code A into the discount coupon box when paying

2nd Newport Velodrome of 2017

See below for a write up of the latest track session (22nd April) written by Matt Smith.

After spending the cold and icy winter training outdoors, it was only natural that the club would take over the Newport Velodrome for a couple of hours on a gloriously sunny day! As with the previous track session, we managed to take a mixture of track novices and riders with some experience.

We took to the track for a short warm up while the beginner group got used to the strange sensation of riding a fixed wheel bike in the centre of the track. Then it was their turn to hit the boards for the first time under the guidance of our very lovely coach, Naomi.

Time was flying by and the smiles were the width of the track. Soon it came time to face the stopwatch. For the riders who had some track experience the challenge was a 500m time trial (2 laps) while the novices were to face a single 250m flying lap. 

Alf frightened the life out of Mandy with a storming lap to take first place, followed closely by Danny and an impressive effort from Will for third place showing that there’s life in the… err… “young pup” yet.
250m group
1 Alf "Nigel Mansell on two wheels" Williams 20.64s
2 Danny Morse 20.83s
3 John Williams 21.66s
4 Shirley Howell 22.31s
5 Emma Davies 22.63s
6 Andrew Stott 22.64s
7 Selwyn Bowen 22.74s
8 Phil Jones 23.94s
9 Wendy Lacey 24.33s
10 Dai Triggs 28.58s

500m group 
1 Matt Smith 36.64s
2 Tony Howell 37.64s
3 David Hendry 38.10s
4 Owain Roberts 39.01s
5 Rob Lucas 39.49s
6 Hollie Labunsky 42.42s
7 Eden Davies 44.31s

Selwyn’s socks are worthy of a special mention (sleeves are obviously photoshopped on)

Matt Smith was last seen rocking back and fore in the corner of a dark room muttering “I must not buy that bike” after setting eyes on Jeremy Isaac’s stunning Cervelo

The next track session is 27 May from 4pm-6pm

Port Talbot Wheelers track session at Newport Velodrome

The first Port Talbot Wheelers track session of 2017 took place on Monday at the Wales National Velodrome in Newport. 

There was a mix of experience from track newbies to track regulars. The group was divided to start so that those with some experience riding a fixed wheel bike could get used to the track bikes while riding on the “côte d’azur" while the newbies were briefed by the coach before their first ride around the concrete infield. Gradually everyone made their way on to the wooden boards. 

Confidence was growing lap after lap, and so we began the group activities. First was the “take a lap” challenge where the rider on the front would sprint away from the group and slot on to the back. Then came the big final. A timed lap of the track, but with only a very short run up to the start line.

David “Hoy” Hendry used his magnificent thighs to great effect to be the clear winner with a time of just 19.62 seconds. 


  • 2 Matt Smith 20.51s
  • 3 Tony Howell 20.66s
  • 4 Ross Morgan 20.78s
  • 5 Owain Roberts 21.03s 
  • 6 Phil Collier 21.08s
  • 7 Rod Hicks 21.18s
  • 8 Les Thomas 21.47s
  • 9 Mark Hillier 21.81s
  • 10 Chris Allen 22.2s
  • 11 Holly Labunsky 23.98s
  • 12 Mike Goodall 26.03s
  • This sums the day up pretty well

    Excellent turnout for Sundays Glyncorrwg ride

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